San Martin del Tesorillo

A frontier town, located literally on the border between Cadiz and Malaga, close to Jimena de la Frontera and Gibraltar. It occupies the low lands of the Valley of the river Guadiaro, and makes the most of the surrounding flood plains and foot hills for farming. Traditionally the area was dedicated to cereals and cotton, however in the last 30 years they have moved over to fruit plantations. Conditions in the area are perfect for such cultivation thanks to the Mediterranean climate and abundant water from the river.

The fertile land and warm climate have always been favorable to farming. Archeological remains have been found from the Phoenician, Roman and Moorish eras. Although they were largely isolated agricultural settlements. The town of San Martin came later, in the year 1879 Martin Larios y Larios, the first Marques of Larios and President of the Industrial and Agricultural Society of Guadiaro founded the first agricultural colony. In the 1930s the wealthy entrepreneur and one time smuggler from Mallorca, Juan March bought the land from the Larios, he divided it into smaller fields and sold it on to settlers from other zones of Andalucía and Valencia.

There are 382 hectares are dedicated to citrus cultivation, largely oranges (327 ha) and also mandarins (58 ha) and more than 300 hectares are dedicated to avocado plantations. You can also find some kiwi and Persimmon stations but on a much smaller scale. Presently Perez Zara Agricola exports much of its production to countries such as France, Germany, Holland, Italy and the U.K.