¿What do we do and How do we do it?

What makes us different, why trust us

In PZA, we undertake an fully integrated control of the process, from when the fruit is still on the tree, we control the fumigations, the fruit development, the perfection of the skin, in texture, color but we also look at the quality of the water source. This we know is part of producing a better product, with a better eating quality and also contributes to a lower level of waste.

Exhaustive Quality Control

  • In the Cultivation
  • In the harvest
  • In the way we clean the fruit
  • In product manipulation
  • In the packing
  • In maintaining the correct temperature at all stages, from the warehouse to the end customer.

This is essential

As we know that in order to maintain the satisfaction of the end customer, we must always aim to take every possible precaution during the production, harvest and packing to make sure the product arrives at the final consumer in the best possible way.

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Our Objective

Our objective for the next three years is situate the business as a point of reference in the Spanish fruit industry and achieve an important share of the European market. Therefore we are developing various brands and a family of products which will be identified for their quality and price.

We keep investing, to keep growing

After all the years of experience in the fruit sector, we invite our customers to continue to trust in us and we continue to invest in the following aspects of the business:

Our Instalations

A modernisation of the warehouse facility, in machinery that will help us pack to better standards and diversify the line of products we commercialise. Also support our workers to perform more efficiently and faster and help reduce time taken for harvest, handling and delivery.

The Team

A renovation and expansion of the team in PZA with the inclusion of a director and two new young, highly qualified employees who together with their experience and knowledge of the sector, will help the business develop for the future.