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Perez Zara Agricola – Avocado & Mango
Llámanos al: 636 032 466 / 636 984 741

Perez Zara Agricola Aguacates nacionales de Cádiz

Welcome to Perez Zara Agricola

We are a family run company with broad and far reaching experience in the fruit & vegetable industry, for over 30 years we have been supplying the Spanish national market with high quality, fresh products. We have recently developed the first ever brand of avocados originating purely from Cádiz – IPM Supreme. Our parent company “Frutas Ildefonso S.L.” is a wholesaler and distributor of fresh fruit and veg, based in Conil and operates in the Spanish domestic market.

We believe the only way to guarantee the quality of the product is to be involved with it’s production, to that end we maintain and manage our own plantations and have developed strong links with growers and distributors across the South West of Spain. Likewise in order to ensure that the products reach the end consumer in optimum condition supply chain integration and control is vital. From our installations in San Marin del Tesorillo we can supply any point in the peninsula within a day and any point in Europe in two days. To make all of this possible we have reinforced our infrastructure with new machinery, packaging lines and multiple loading bays to up-scale transportation.

We Pride Ourselves On


Specialised Personnel

All our personnel are highly specialised in production, harvest and packing and comply with training standards and experience necessary to guarantee the perfect handling of our products.

limpieza exhaustiva Perez Zara Agricola Frutas San Martin de Tesorillo

Exhaustive Cleanliness

We always try to keep the warehouse as clean as possible, including the packing and ripening areas. The warehouse team have a uniform, the tables and work tools are sterilized on a regular basis, and all our hygiene procedures comply with the hygiene requirements set out by industry standards.


We Offer Solutions

We offer solutions for our customers – We always look for the best solution possible. By looking for the best route, we will always try and ensure the product arrives in the best possible conditions, with the most optimal transport solution and that customers can receive the product as quickly and as fresh as possible.


Product Control

PZA controls the entire process from harvest, 360 degree production control of each farm, separating lots so the traceability is maintained through the harvest and packing process.


Commitment to our Location

In PZA, we know that our most important asset is our location, and this is why try to maintain the relationships we have built up over the last 25 years. An indication to our commitment to the local community, we maintain 20 employees in employment even outside the main citrus season and we reach nearly 50 employees during the peak citrus season. Our products are grown in the municipality of Jimena de la Frontera, and due to the investment and employment we generate in the area, we count on their support for the new projects and investments being undertaken.


Quality control

In PZA, we aim to reach the highest quality standards and the business Works hard to maintain only the highest standards of sizing and quality during the packing process to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products.

Top 6 Avocado Exporters in the world (2015)


1. Mexico


2. Peru


3. Israel


4. Chile


5. Spain


6. South Africa

Figures in 1000 metric tons


In 2013 total world production was 4.7 million tones of avocados according to the FAO, much more than double the production of 20 years before. Almost 80 % of the world’s avocados are grown in Mexico, and 46 % of the world’s exports. Thanks to the American’s insatiable taste for avocados Mexico has doubled its exports since 2010, following heavy investment in plantations Peru hopes to double their national production in the next 4 years and consolidate their position as world number 2.

Over the last 8 years consumption per capita has doubled in Spain from 0.45 kg per annum in 2007 to 0.9 Kg per annum in 2013. Even though this figure is increasing it is still less than half the average consumption in the U.S.A., where the avocado enjoys “superfood” status. This trend is leading to an exponential increase in Latin American production.

  • European Avocado consumption reached approximately 290,000 tones between June 2013 and May 2014. That puts the European per capita consumption at just under 600g per annum, although it is important to remember that it is but an average. In eastern Europe the average consumption is 160g, or one small avocado per year, whereas in the west the higher purchasing power combined with health conscious eating patterns, consumption is much higher. Although we still have some way to go to catch up with countries like Switzerland (1 kg per person, per year), Canada (1.3 kg per person, per year) and the U.S.A. (2.5kg per person, per year). In conclusion the European market has progressed considerably but still has a long way to go.

Top 6 Orange Exporting Countries in the World (2014)


1. Spain


2. South Africa


3. U.S.A.


4. Egypt


5. Holland


6. Turkey

Figures in Millions of $


  • Producción Nacional (Billiones de toneladas)

Despite being in the top 3 producers of oranges Brazil and China are not in the top 6 list of exporting countries, one reason is that a lot of the fruit is consumed in the country of origin another is that the figures are for exports of fresh fruit, not juice or concentrate. Brazil is clearly a world leader in orange juice production, around 50 % of all the orange juice consumed in the world comes from there.

Destino de la Producción Nacional de Naranjas - España

  • Consumo Interior
  • Industria
  • Destrío
  • Exportación

In 2012 oranges accounted for 20% of the fresh fruit budget in Spanish households, in comparison to 2011 expenditure in oranges rose by 0.7% whilst it decreased by 2.5 % for fresh fruit in general, largely due to a 3.2 % reduction in prices. Also in 2012 consumption per capita of oranges was 20.02 Kg per person, per year.

In households formed by independent young people consumption increased by 7.6 %, with above average consumption of 29.79 Kg per person, per year. Conversely single adults reduced their consumption by 6.7%, still maintaining though an above average consumption of 40.81 Kg per person, per year.

80 % of Spanish Exports stay in the E.U:

  • France consumes 30% – 485,400 tons
  • Germany 27% – 436,860 tons
  • The U.K. 10% – 161,800 tons
  • Exports to the Eastern Countries are gradually increasing, in line with increases in their disposable income. Poland, The Czech and Slovakian Republics and Hungry are the largest markets which together account for 210,340 tons

20% of Spain’s orange exports leave the E.U. (323,600 tons in total)

  • The most important markets are Russia, U.S.A. Canada, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia.